APPA Product Recall Services

Product Recall Services Available

APPA is partnered with Recall InfoLink to bring members a state-of-the-art product recall service.  This simple and intuitive service streamlines all phases of the recall process offering members a reliable tool in times of crisis. This new service standardizes the recall process while understanding the unique needs of all segments of the supply chain.
  • Recall InfoLink connects you and your customers together in real time

  • Makes recalls fast and easy, protecting both brand and customers

  • Eliminates confusion 

  • Save money when you have a product recall or withdrawal

  • Your messages are delivered to the right people

  • Products are quickly removed from sale and supply  

  • Communications are documented at every step, assuring you that your message was received and acted upon

 Recall InfoLink offers secure, customized communications
  • More than 20,000 businesses across the country have experienced faster and easier processing

  • Individual events have ranged from a single customer to more than 1,500 customers

  • Event preparation takes less than 30 minutes, regardless of the number of items or customers  

  • Patented system allows customized communication

  • Built on cloud technology, this secure structure can be accessed on your PC or preferred device  wherever Wi-Fi is available

 Recall InfoLink Offers: 
  • Accurate Information: Precise, actionable recall information on affected products by item number, lot code, sell by date, product description, picture, etc.  

  • Speed: Instantaneous communication via e-mail, phones, faxes, and text messages, and reminder notifications.  Real-time score cards acknowledge receipt of notice and facilitates follow up

  • Liability protection: Significantly reduces liability with complete documentations. With the click of a mouse, point-of-sale locations have 24/7 ability to view their secure account, at no cost 

  • Cost Savings:  Eliminates up to 80% of labor for event initiation and back end management, web based service requires no additional IT coding and maintenance costs  


Recall InfoLink Features Listing

For more information, contact Roger Hancock at or call 208-284-1508.