National Pet Owners Survey & Market Research Overview

APPA National Pet Owners Survey & Lifestyle and Media Study

Every other year, APPA publishes the National Pet Owners Survey, the industry's most comprehensive consumer research study. The APPA National Pet Owners Survey coupled with the new APPA Lifestyle and Media Study equips you with the most powerful tools you need to make important decisions for your business. The Survey examines demographics, buying habits, and other traits of U.S. owners of dogs, cats, fish, birds, reptiles, and small animals. It outlines current trends in pet ownership, pet-related product purchases, care practices, and sources of goods and services. The objective of The Survey is to monitor consumer habits on an ongoing basis in order to identify short and long term trends in pet ownership and in pet product and service consumption. The Lifestyle and Media Study, creates a useful profile of consumer lifestyle habits and media preferences that directly affect the purchase of pet products.

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